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Stage 5 - Orumiyeh - Tabriz

Stage 5 (18th May 2011) Urumia - Tabriz 125km
From: Urumia
To: Tabriz
Distance: 125 km


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About Urumia

Urmia, or sometimes spelled, Orumieh (Azerbaijani: اورمو / اورمیه – Urmiyə / Urmu), during the majority of the Pahlavi Dynasty [1925–1979] called Persian: رضائیه, Rezaiyeh), is a city in Northwestern Iran and the capital of West Azerbaijan Province. The city lies on an altitude of 1,330 m above sea level on the Shahar Chay river (City River). Urmia is the 10th most populated city in Iran with a population of about 600,000. The population is predominantly Azerbaijani with significant Kurdish, Assyrian and Armenian minorities. Urmia is situated on a fertile plain called Urmia Plain, on western side of Lake Urmia; and eastern side of Turkish border and marginal range of mountains.

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