Stage 4 - Shabestar - Orumiyeh

Stage 4 (17th May 2011) Shabestar - Urumia 185 km (Transfer Before Stage)
From: Shabestar
To: Urumia
Distance: 185 km


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About Shabestar

Shabestar is a town in Iran. Shabestar is located in proximity to Tabriz, the capital of East Azarbaijan Province. It is situated on the main Iranian-International railway line which connects Tehran and Tabriz to Turkey and Europe; During the Safavid period. Shabestar's economy and development has received a major boost due to the 'Azad' university built there. It is home to the renowned Iranian mysticist Sheikh Mahmoud Shabestari (is the creator of the sublime mystic poem Gulshan-e Raz (The Garden of Secrets). This poem is counted as one of the loftiest works of 'irfan, and has immortalized the name of its author. Many commentaries have been written upon it, perhaps the best of which is that written by Hazin Lahiji, which has been published and is available. Shabestari died about the year 1320), the composer of Gulshan-i Raz.

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